Dumb Cake

Okay, I feel like Chicago has made its point. Yes, we get that you can get cold. Good job. Now can we go back to bearable temperatures? Pretty please?

Despite the cold, I managed to get out on Friday night to celebrate Tia’s birthday! We started out with a drink at Hub 51 before meeting Maya for dinner at Ramen-san.

Oh man. I know the photo doesn’t look appetizing, but those noodles are pretty darn good. I’m not super into the whole gourmet ramen thing (I’m pretty partial to the cheap instant noodles I can make at home, packed with MSG), but I can make an exception for birthdays and for this place’s kim chi and fried chicken ramen. Just the thing to warm me up.

Afterward, the gals and I stopped by my adult dormitory/apartment for a brief wine nightcap. It was definitely great to catch up in the middle of a lot of craziness for all of us (wedding planning, interviews, school, those little things).

Unfortunately (or not), that was the last time I was outside my building as the temperatures quickly dipped below what I consider acceptable for direct Christina exposure. So, to make up for my lack of fun things to write about, my unappealing food photo above, and because Chris and I have been fantasizing about dessert, here are some pics and the recipe for a dump cake I made over the holidays with my family:

Super easy to make! I remember reading about these on the Fitnessista’s blog, and Chris’s mom actually made one for my birthday during one of our recent visits to Michigan. I took it as a sign that I should give it a try, too, and I was not disappointed.

It’s literally just combining a can of cherry pie filling and a can of crushed pineapple in a baking dish, pouring a box of yellow cake mix on top, and drizzling a stick of melted butter on top of that. Bake it at 350F for about 50 minutes. When I told my dad what it was called, he thought I said it was a DUMB cake because it’s so easy that even the dumbest baker wouldn’t mess it up (hence, today’s blog title – Chris suggested “Taking a Dump”). Works either way, I suppose. My 4-year-old nephew was also a fan and wanted to sit in front of the oven until it finished baking so he wouldn’t miss getting a piece. Then I distracted him with Legos.

Anyway, hope that helped kick off your week in style! Mmm…now I want some cake.


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