Late Update

Ah! Where has the week gone? Wasn’t it just the weekend?

I feel like the last few days flew by extra fast for me, being jam-packed with one thing or another. Take Thursday night, when I went out with my roommates to this quarter’s first big bar rager and ended up taking many shots and then drunkenly eating instant noodles upon our return home.

Friday, I was generally useless and unproductive. Man, my recovery time is extra slow these days.

So, one thing and then another 🙂

I got myself back together in time for the weekend, when my Saturday was unceremoniously stolen from me by an all-day interview workshop event put on by my school. I do appreciate the opportunities to practice interviewing, but I wish it could have been scheduled for during the week. I had to console myself with this treat table:


Okay, no hard feelings as long as the scones keep coming!

To get in one leisurely activity before Monday, Chris and I went to see The Big Short at AMC’s new dine-in movie theatre at Block 37. The movie has a great cast, was entertaining, and does a great job at making a lot of finance-y concepts digestible (although, I still needed some parts explained to me – this is why I’m in business school). But let’s talk about this theatre…


Comfy, reclining seats! So cool! I’ve always wanted to go to one of these “fancy” theatres, and it was everything I dreamed of. I had just eaten before the movie, or else I would have ordered food too. Next time!

It’s been back to the school grind ever since, with lots of interview preparation, freezing my tush off, and homework keeping me busy. Working for the weekend, yet again!


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