Party Like It’s 2016

Happy, happy new year! May this one be your best yet!

year mistake

I hope everyone’s evenings were spent with loved ones in whatever manner you enjoy celebrating the most.

For me, I actually feel like I kickstarted the good times early. As part of my birthday present, which was in November, Chris took me to see Potted Potter on Wednesday night. I had heard about this parody show of the Harry Potter books a while back and as a big fan of the franchise (I even have a wand! Wingardium leviosa!!!), I was really excited to attend. It’s basically a 2-man comedy act and the performers were really funny. I’d definitely recommend it if you like Harry Potter and are down for some laughs. The show is more family-friendly (vs. adult-oriented) than we expected, but still enjoyable!

Of course, you can’t go out to a show without getting some good eats in first, amirite?

We had coupons for free tacos from Qdoba and a gift card for Cheesecake Factory, so dinner and dessert were taken care of easily.

For the main NYE event, after a fun catch-up lunch with Tia and Maya at Blackfinn, homemade enchiladas were on the menu for dinnah:


Finally, we eventually made our way to Tia’s fiance’s former coworker’s place (what a mouthful!) to ring in 2016. There was much wine, champagne, cheese, and charcuterie…

My glass says “Christina is better than mustache,” a throwback reference to a time we had to mark our plastic beer steins at a bar and I wrote “Christina is better than Chris” on mine. Also, a gentle reminder to my boyfriend that he should look into shaving his newly acquired goatee.

Not a bad few days at all, even though I now have a runny nose to show for it. A small price to pay for some seriously good times. Cheers!


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