Previously, on CGS…

A brief summary of things that have happened since my last real blog post:

  • A wedding

high grove

One of my best friends got married and our whole crew got together to celebrate the happy occasion in Raleigh, NC. It was super fun and chock full of delicious food, gorgeous scenery, and great company! Love must be in the air, because shortly after there was…

  • A proposal! – Another one of my best friends got engaged and has been happily hashtagging the joy of wedding planning ever since 🙂 I can’t wait to see what she and the fiance have in store for the big day.
  • More boxed lunches


When I’m not being force-fed pizza at school, I’m being force-fed these instead. The first week of these was fantastic, the second was okay, the weeks afterward were definitely always appreciated, but eating the same thing every day started tasting like mush. First world problems at its finest.

  • Continued aging


Here I am, celebrating my latest birthday at Hash House a Go Go. I had been here once before with my friend Maya, eaten barely half of the biggest plate of chicken & waffles I had ever seen, and promptly forgotten to take home my leftovers. It was traumatizing. My birthday gift to myself was to make sure there was no way I would make that same mistake, hence the very secure takeout container in my arms.

  • Planes, trains & automobiles

It’s been a weird few weeks, weather-wise, but nothing beats a good break to spend time with friends and family. This year’s funtivities have included an office Christmas party with Chris’s work and lots of travel. We took a train from Chicago to Michigan to see Chris’s family, followed by a drive from Michigan to Toronto to see my relatives. I drove back to Boston with my immediate family and flew back to Chicago last night. Phew!

I think that about catches us up. Until next time…


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