Lost Time

Well, that went by quickly. A belated Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!

2015-12-16 MPP P001

Our apartment Christmas tree, complete with manger/menagerie.


I thought part of the appeal of going back to school full-time was a beautiful, flexible, non-9-to-5 schedule. In some ways, this has been true. With mostly afternoon classes in my first quarter (vs. semester), I technically didn’t have to wake up before noon if I didn’t want to, which was awesome. Making time for exercise was a breeze. And I could never complain about my regular 4-day weekends.

But I miss the definitive end of a typical work day. At least the way I approached my last job, once I left the office, I was done. No work obligations until the next morning. In school, sure I might only have one 3-hour class each day, but once that class ends, I still have homework, study groups, and recruitment activities hanging over my head. I know everyone’s different, but I find it much harder to really “turn off” nowadays. In the most annoying instances, I can’t even watch a TV show without thinking if I should be studying, working on cover letters, or reviewing the next day’s schedule instead. This type of mindset change has really been one of the most sucky parts of my transition to the full-time MBA lifestyle, but one I hope to tolerate better in my second quarter.

happy netflix

Anyway, this is all to say that there’s a reason I haven’t been able to blog over the past few months, and it wasn’t for lack of wanting to. I think it’s healthy, therapeutic, and necessary for my own sanity to maintain some structured hobbies that have little to do with my main source of stress right now. So, I will attempt to not let my documentation of my experiences fall to the wayside. But if it does, please forgive me. I’m probably busy wasting time figuring out how not to waste time.

kim k


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