Like I Would Skip a Meal

In today’s edition of: Yes, Mom, I am still eating regularly and (somewhat) healthfully…

Breakfast – Homemade breakfast sandwich with wheat toast, some deli turkey & cheese, a fried egg, and sriracha. Sorry about the messy plate; I like my yolks runny.


Lunch – Stir-fried lo mein with pea pods, celery, broccoli, and shrimp.


Dinner – Chicken fried rice and brussel sprouts.


See? I know how to take care of myself.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a good amount of free greasy pizza lunches at school events.

IMG_3409 IMG_3397

It ain’t pretty, but it’s free. And begrudgingly delicious.

Question of the Day: Do you have family members nagging you as well? Let’s commiserate.


One thought on “Like I Would Skip a Meal

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