I am finally, finally at the end of my business school orientation. Hard to believe that it would take almost 3 weeks for 600 adult professionals to get their bearings, but I guess it does.

so hard

As alluded to before, orientation has consisted of lots and lots of meeting new people. I don’t consider myself anti-social, but I am definitely an introvert, as evidenced by the past few weeks. I have no problem hanging out with and getting to know new people, but it’s been super draining, especially after doing it for 7-8 hours non-stop. It doesn’t help that I live in a building mostly filled with fellow classmates and we all end up taking the same train to campus every day. This means that I need to be “on” and ready to mingle almost as soon as I leave my apartment. By the end of the day, I’m just like:


If anything, orientation has taught me not to feel weird about randomly talking to a stranger, which I never would have done before.

I’m sure the exasperation with having to constantly small talk will go away once classes begin (again, finally). I’m definitely looking forward to having definite common ground and shared experiences with some of my classmates and allowing friendships to develop more naturally.


Speaking of which, classes officially begin this Thursday. However, I totally lucked out and my personal schedule actually doesn’t start until Monday. Long weekend!

Just kidding, I actually have a few things on deck during the new few days, including writing an outline for a speech, meeting my second-year mentor, and attending a student group fair. Fun things on deck: reunion brunch with Tia & Maya!

Question of the Day: Best school-related memory? Once, Tia and I bought supplies for a get together we were having at our apartment for an outdoor music festival at our college. Our grocery cart was overflowing with alcohol and we were like, “Is it going to be enough?”



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