Flying By

Well, time flies when you’re unemployed.

That’s right. My days of 9-to-5 are officially over (for now)! Not to say that my former coworkers didn’t send me off in style:

IMG_3114 IMG_3116

I’ve been repeating this sentiment for a while, but it’s strange to leave a job for not a “bad” reason (going to work at another company, get let go, etc). I really enjoyed working for this company and despite the usual complaining about the typical annoying stuff, it was a great experience that truly helped contextualize what I want to accomplish and the kinds of companies I want to work for in the future. The people I worked with put a lot of thought into my goodbye celebration, which only made leaving more bittersweet.

However, I guess I can’t complain too much when my days have been filled with a little of this instead:


(Watermelon margarita from Mas Tacos)

My first big school adventure begins tomorrow morning, when I head off to Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon with a group of ~10 other incoming b-school students. What better way to get to know your fellow classmates than cozying up in tents while camping and partying it up in Sin City?

No more posts for the next week or so, but expect a shenanigan recap when I return!

Question of the Day: Networking/Socializing with new people – Love it or hate it? I got my icebreaker conversation topics all ready to go…



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