Movies and Munchies

Last week of work!

It still hasn’t quite hit me yet, but there has been very little for me to do around the office lately now that my position has been backfilled and I am basically just here to help with the transition. I spent most of my day yesterday cleaning out my cubicle and stocking up on some freebies (I work for a greeting card manufacturer and those folded-up pieces of paper can add up!).

But rewinding to this past weekend…You guys, I cannot get this burrito bowl out of my head:


My friend Maya and I hung out on Saturday and a li’l Mexican place called Carbon came highly recommended by her. Amahzing. We ate our matching chicken burrito salad bowls outside her building complex and were rudely interrupted by a bee. It was time to head out to see Trainwreck anyway, but still. Stupid bees.


The movie was excellent! Amy Schumer seems to be blowing up right now, and for good reason. After watching it, I really want to check out her show on Comedy Central and any stand-up specials she has.

I also ended up being very productive on Sunday, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, all that sh*t adults do. I also baked and frosted some funfetti cookies (using this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction – I just used Funfetti cake mix when it called for boxed cake mix).


I had some pre-work to do for school, which included asking a bunch of my coworkers to evaluate my leadership skills via a 20-minute survey. I’m so appreciative that everyone I asked agreed to do it, when I’m sure they had better things to do with their time – The cookies were my way of thanking them. I hope they didn’t think it was a bribe…(but wasn’t it, though?)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Question of the Day: I have a bunch of leftover frosting from the cookies. What do I do with it? It is taking me a lot of mental willpower not to just dig in with a spoon.


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