A haircut was definitely in order after several weeks of overheating my back this summer.

I got 3 inches lopped off this evening at the Aveda Institute, a recent discovery that I looooove. Gone are the days of $50 haircuts! At the Aveda Institute, you are actually allowing a stylist student cut your hair for a steeply discounted rate. I only had to pay $16, which I think is pretty good for a salon-quality experience in the city. Granted, I didn’t get anything too crazy done, but I’ve been twice already and have left satisfied each time. I’d recommend a service like this (letting students practice on you) if you’re looking for a step above Great Clips or Supercuts and aren’t super high maintenance, as there’s always a risk factor with having a non-professional do the job. But I’d argue that there’s a risk factor with going to any non-familiar professional stylist as well. Boom.

Not much else to report here. 7 more days to go at work!

Question of the Day: Do you like when hair stylists (or other random people who have to be around you for a while) talk to you? I am trying to be better at chit-chatting because I know it’s out of friendliness and otherwise you’re both probably going to get super bored being around each other in complete silence, but my inclination is not to divulge a lot of information about myself to people I don’t know so I clam up sometimes. Stranger danger!


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