NPR and a Shower

I didn’t mean to leave this blog unattended for so long, but the past week has been jam-packed!

Last Thursday, I attempted to go to a live recording of the NPR show Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! in Millennium Park. Not that I’m a huge NPR snob or really into podcasts or anything, but I did listen to all of Serial when it was big and realized that podcasts were a nice alternative to music to listen to during my walks to and from work every day. I discovered Wait, Wait through some online recommendations and like how it keeps me somewhat up to date with the news in a funny way.

Anyway, figuring that I was one of only a few nerds who would actually want to attend this taping, I did not plan to arrive at the park much earlier than when it was scheduled to start.



Chris and I could not even get into the pavilion area to find a lawn seat…We found an area off to the side and tried listening in, but I couldn’t hear enough for it to be worth it. Womp, womp. That’s what downloading the podcast is for, I guess.

The weekend had much better successes in store, however, because it was my friend Meghan’s bridal shower!!!!


It was a beautiful day in the suburbs of Chicago and the bride-to-be was bee-yoo-ti-ful 🙂  I went with our friend Tia who is a bridesmaid in the wedding with me and we had a blast eating all the yummy food, chatting with the other guests, and creating the best bow bouquet ever. It was so much fun celebrating together and we can’t wait until the big day…

Anyway, another weekend has come and gone. I’m down to 2 more weeks left at work – Whoohoo! Any suggestions for what I should do during my time off? I currently have about 2 weeks free with absolutely no plans.

Question of the Day: Any podcast recommendations? After listening to Serial, I listened to Invisibilia which I also found really interesting. The jury is still out on whether or not telling people I listen to NPR/podcasts for fun makes me seem really smart or really pretentious, haha.npr


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