Roommate Musings

As I mentioned before, the last time I lived with roommates was 4-5 years ago when I lived with super close friends. We almost always knew where everyone else was and exactly what they were doing at what time. I can’t remember if it’s because we were really just that close or we announced our plans to each other or what, but it was pretty uncanny.

Anyway, I’m back on the roommate train (One girl I live with is actually buds with one of those girls I lived with way back when! Small world.) and it’s been a pretty smooth transition. One non-issue that’s been on my mind is how to deal with each other’s comings and goings. We don’t know each other as well as I knew my past roommates, and our schedules are probably less predictable as adults. So should I be telling her when I’m going out and where I’m going? Even after living together for about two weeks, I still feel like I’ve only seen her for a few hours because we’re both out and about at different times. I just have no idea what she does when she’s not at the apartment. One time she left me a post-it note saying she would be out, but another time, she just left without saying a word. What is the proper etiquette here???

overly attached gf

I am almost positive this is a problem that exists only in my head, haha. I guess there are worst roommate things that could be happening, so I’ll count myself lucky.

bad roommate

Question(s) of the Day: Any thoughts on this informing-your-roommate-of-your-schedule thing? What is your worst pet peeve about sharing a living space with someone else? I get really annoyed about dirty dishes piling up in the sink and am prepared to fight about it. Please refer to the College Roommate Debacle of 2009-2010. Don’t worry, we’re all still friends.



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