Laptop Beast

I am currently typing away on an old Dell laptop that I’ve had since 2006. It has withstood its share of crashes and viruses, but is still functional. Sure, one of the hinges is all janked up and it takes many minutes to open and close windows sometimes, but it has been perfectly suitable for my needs during the past 9 years.

With school back on the horizon, though, it’s time for me to say goodbye…I’m not sure I’ll be able to cut it in the classroom if other students are zipping away on their Macs and I’m all:

caveman computer

(By the way, it took me about 9.5 minutes to save that image and insert it here. These are the real life problems I’m dealing with, people.)

After consulting a few computer-savvy pals, I am leaning toward yet another Dell (non-super-old version) with RAM things and hard drive things and 2-in-1 capability, which should be interesting. I have a 10% off coupon from Best Buy, a possible student discount with Dell, and another possible friend-of-a-friend discount in the works. Tomorrow is also Amazon Prime day, which is boasting more deals than Black Friday, and I’m planning to check that out and basically see how I can get this machine in my hands for the least amount of money. Wish me luck!

Apart from the great laptop hunt, it’s just been a normal few days at work for me. My one-month countdown to my last day has officially begun, which is crazy! Although, to be honest, I’ve already stopped caring about any projects I’ve come across that are due after I leave.


And finally, my activities after work have mostly been consisting of sorting through this pile of randomness:


I have still not figured out where to put all my stuff and it annoys me, but I also have been very slow dealing with it. Like right now, i am actively not looking at that corner of the room, so I really shouldn’t be surprised when I turn around and that’s all still there, but I know I will be.

Question of the Day: What was your biggest computer-related fail? Let’s just say I got some sort of virus in college that made an X-rated icon appear on my desktop that wouldn’t go away. I had to have the student-run IT help desk fix it for me. Embarrassing.


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