On the Move

As part of my big transition to back-to-school life, I recently moved to a new apartment where I will be living with roommates for the first time since college. I was suuuuuper hesitant to do this at first. Although, now that I’ve officially been moved in for about a week, I can’t believe I was. I think I was stuck in this whole mindset of, “I’m a f*ckin’ adult. Adults do not have roommates!!!”


I definitely got over that pretty quickly when I thought about the rent savings though. That, paired with the reminder that I will not be raking in the dough from a full-time job like I am now*, made me change my tune big time. The building I moved into is probably majority-occupied by other students from my school, so offers pretty steep rental discounts to anyone enrolled. It also happens to be right across the street from the train station that would take us to campus (a big, giant PLUS for when I’ll be making the trek to class during Chicago’s lovely winters). There was really nothing to lose except maybe some space and getting-to-walk-around-nakedness**.


Speaking of space, the unpacking process is driving me crazy. I realized that I have accumulated way too much stuff during my time in a one-bedroom apartment that made me feel like I had infinite room to fill. I’m definitely going to have to Konmari this sh*t soon.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a terrific Friday! My office held a volunteer day, so we went to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to glean and repackage bulk produce for food distribution agencies. My team did apples and onions and were lightning quick at it, by the way. I could have used less handling of rotten onions, but I’m glad it was for a good cause.

We were dismissed early, so I came home, took several trips up and down the building elevator trying to find the bike storage room, did a li’l treadmill run, and now I’m chilling until the boyf’s family rolls into town for a weekend of tourist-y Chicago fun!

Question of the Day: The Taste of Chicago is up and running this weekend. Would you eat the famous BBQ turkey leg? I think you know my answer…

taste of chicago

*Just kidding, I have never raked dough.

**Just kidding again, I don’t like naked things.


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